About Japan Glaucoma Society


The major goal of JGS is to promote research in glaucoma, through which pathophysiology of glaucoma would be elucidated and effectiveness of glaucoma treatment should be augmented.
Subsequently, the JGS contributes to the national welfare by enhancing quality of vision in patients with glaucoma. Physician education is mandatory to accomplish this goal, so that the JGS has periodically published a guideline for glaucoma diagnosis and management.
In addition, the JGS supports young generations of ophthalmologists to enhance their career development by awarding travel grant to attend WGC, EGS, APGC, and APAO.
Enlightenment of public and patients is another mission of the JGS. Participating in the World Glaucoma Week is one of such activities.
Last but not least, the JGS frequently communicates with academic societies worldwide such as the Glaucoma Research Society, the World Glaucoma Association, and the Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Society to facilitate glaucoma research from the global point of view.

Makoto Aihara
Year of foundation
October 13, 1989
Total membership
2,294(as of Dec, 2018)
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